• New generation glove knitting machine YH-IGK

    New generation glove knitting machine YH-IGK

    Get efficiency in the production area with the new generation glove machine.

    It allows you to save time in production with its easy use and performance.

    With its superior performance and quality production capability, it makes a far difference from its counterparts.

    With this machine, you can produce quality and unique products.

    In terms of spare parts supply and technical support service, our company stands behind our products by considering customer satisfaction until the end.

    Our 13 GG Glove Machine knits a pair of plain and zebra glove knitting in as little as 8 minutes.

    7 GG Our 24/7 Support team is with you with the Technical Support and Spare Parts service of our machine prepared for the production of winter gloves.

    A staff can manage 30-40 machines.

    Servo motor saves 3 kW of electricity in 24 hours.

    It provides a capacity increase of 30-40% compared to the old type glove machines.

    Compared to old-style glove knitting machines, spare parts costs are reduced by 50% and maintenance costs are low.

    Automatic oil pump saves time, labor and cost.

    Learning the Next Generation Glove Machine is quite easy.

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